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November 18, 2010


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Dave from HootSuite

Thanks again for your feedback. While we don't necessarily agree with the "taking off clothes" analogy, we are paying attention to your thoughts.

Michael Bowers

I've used Hootsuite on the web and on my phone for quite awhile now and really like the functionality. I'm willing to live with the sponsored tweets as I just disregard them and usually don't even see them because I am looking for content from specific people not just in general. However, as you pointed out, there is no real barrier to me switching. If I am not getting what I want out of Hootsuite I'll switch before I'll pay.

Ravit Lichtenberg - Ustrategy

Michael- I too like Hootsuite and use it on the web as my primary twitter management console. I also switched to it for my mobile management tool after Tweetie stopped working right. In my encounter with promoted tweets, they showed in my stream on tweets from specific people I wasn't following. If this is truly the use case going forward, I believe we'll find it annoying soon enough.

From a business perspective, as we discussed, there isn't a high-enough barrier to switching. So there's a sort of a formula here: Level of annoyance + substitute solutions - cost of switching will give hootsuite the impact threshold.

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