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November 08, 2010


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Dave from HootSuite

Hello Ravit,

I'm chiming in with some clarifications to avoid any misunderstandings about the Promoted Tweet from Twitter displayed in HootSuite.

Basic (free) plan holders cannot disable the Promoted Tweets, however Pro plan holders are able to opt-out using the process you described above.

The confusion likely came from the HootSuite users who were onboard before the Freemium plans went into effect in August. While we were migrating these customers to the freemium plans, this subset of users were temporarily able to opt-out.

Now that the account migration is complete, the PTs display is standardized for the plans. However, a Basic plan holder can still opt-out if they are a team member on a Pro plan holder's account since the opt-out permission is inherited from the organization owner.

I'm happy to answer any questions you and your audience may have about the Promoted Tweets and HootSuite in general.

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