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February 07, 2011


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Brad Fallon

The value of social media is in the conversation. A few of us grew up to be comfortable writing into the void--but far more grew up to become talkers. We learn more and say more when we're in conversation.
In the "real" world, writing is meant to be read, thought about, and maybe even acted upon; not evaluated by one person and dumped into the recycling bin. Legal briefs go to the judge, financial analysis goes to lenders, etc.

Dianne White

It's already 2011 and, so far, the points you've stated on how social media will change throughout the year are actually happening. "Mobile will become our gateway to the world" - Almost half of the global population have their own mobile phones these days. As a result, mobile optimization and SEO go along effectively.

Richard Redmond

It's so amazing that even mobile phones are becoming a medium to access the online world. Now we can access the net using phones that have almost the same features that we get from computers. Social media, on the other hand, are so convenient for advertising. The flow of businesses is getting more efficient as technology improves.

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